What we do

We make wholesome, delicious tropical fruit jams from fruits sourced from local farms when they are in season. Our jams are low in sugar and made without any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The essence of the fruits we use are captured in every jar of jam we make.

How it Started

Hi! I’m Antoinette, founder of Badagry Jam. I have always been a food lover. Exploring new cuisines and having lively conversations over a good meal is one of my favorite past times. I didn’t pay attention to what I ate so it’s no wonder that needle on the scale started swinging right. Shifting that needle back meant reducing my sugar intake and cutting out a lot of my favorite foods and treats. Jam was one of the first things to go.

For almost a decade, jam was a guilty pleasure I did my best to avoid. Then one day, as I was eating some particularly delicious pawpaws, I idly wondered what a jam made with pawpaws would taste like. Walking down aisles at local stores I suddenly realized all the jams were made from foreign fruits. Why didn’t we have jams made from local fruit?

I began experimenting with recipes. I used pawpaw and spices, reduced the sugar and avoided chemical preservatives until I created a delicious pawpaw jam. Other jam flavors quickly followed. I had a blast creating interesting jam flavors in my really tiny kitchen in Lagos. I thought they were delicious but the true test was when I started sharing my jams with friends and families and at local fairs. They were a hit!

We have now moved out of our tiny kitchen to our tiny factory where we continue to make our jams in small controlled batches to ensure we always produce high quality tropical fruit jams.

We love that we get to preserve a little bit of the tropics in our jars and we hope that every spoon you take of our jams makes you smile.