Made in Nigeria, Nurtured by Nature

Deliciously Wholesome

Experience the deliciousness of our low-sugar fruit jams, crafted with care from locally grown Nigerian fruits. Nurtured by nature, loved by families


Every jar is a tribute to the bountiful harvest of our country, encapsulating the unique characteristics and goodness of our locally grown fruit.


Our jams have been thoughtfully crafted to bring you exquisite taste and healthy nutrition – the best of both worlds.


Our jams contain no artificial colors or flavors. Every spoonful is a celebration of the rich, unadulterated taste of nature.


Our exotic flavors will surprise you. They are a tasty departure from the usual, infusing mealtimes with tropical essence

Sweet Perfection

Our Exotic Jam Flavors

An adventure for your taste buds

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Customer Reviews

Our Happy Clients

Great in overnight oats!

Badagry Jam is one of the best spreads that I have tasted. I think its because of the use of seasonal fruits. I spread it on croissants, bagels, bread and use it to prepare my overnight oats.


Left me wanting more!

I’ve always been indifferent about jam, but oh boy, after tasting the pawpaw one, I wanted more.

Better taste than any other jam.


Best jam I’ve tasted

We finished a jar of piña colada jam in less than a day! We couldn’t help ourselves, it was that good!


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